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Honolulu, HI – Nutrition / Supplement Store Product Review: Protein Powders

When choosing the best protein that fits you most people will go for the best tasting protein.

However, just because the protein is the best tasting does that means it works the best for you? Everyone has different options and different lifestyles that they go by. With all that different types of proteins to choose from how do you choose the correct protein powder? That’s where I would come in and help you achieve the goal you are trying to reach.

The most common protein that people will get is the name brands. For example Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold standard is the most common protein people will get. Why? It’s so common you can pretty much find it in any type of store. Another great protein people like would be any type of ISO protein, which can be found from many different companies. Mainly because it is sugar free, gluten free and lactose intolerant. It’s a faster digesting protein. Unlike Casein it’s a time releasing protein. Casein is known for taking before bed so it can minimize you from waking up with that urge to eat.

A few other proteins can consist of beef or either can be egg or Vegan friendly. Protein should be your number one supplement when just starting off. Protein is your basic building block to help replenish and rebuild muscle and tissue.

Everyone should have at least half a gram to a gram per body weight per day. That intake will be including all of the supplements that you are taking as well as the food that you are consuming.

With all that being said I will help guide you to the best protein that you may be looking for with the best tasting and most suitable protein that will be the easiest on your body.