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CoQ-10 and Ubiquinol

Most people will say there is a big difference between CoQ-10 and Ubiquinol. The truth is, the difference is really not that big, but one of them can be a little more beneficial. Coming from the scientific side, they are basically separated by 2 electrons. Most consumers will not know what that means. CoQ-10 is the lower form of Ubiquinol according to studies. That doesn’t mean that CoQ-10 doesn’t work or synthesize well. CoQ-10 is just a lesser form of Ubiquinol, but also is the more popular because of the price. Ubiquinol and CoQ-10 are both similar, its just CoQ-10 in the end supposedly converts into Ubiquinol that’s why Ubiquinol is a lot more higher in price as well, it is the active form.